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Reading Lists 

The Library has compiled a number of Reading lists. These lists have a wide range of writing styles, themes and reading levels. There are many reading lists, book reviews and suggestions available online.

Library staff are always available to help patrons find reading material. Happy Reading.

Adult Mystery.pdf
shelf, with library books, and a  person looking at the books
Person looking for just the right book to read.
Adult Romance.pdfAdult ScFi and Fantasy.pdfBabies to Kindergarten ws.pdfChildren 1 & 2 Grades.pdfChildren 3 & 4 Grades.pdfChildren 5 & 6 Grades.pdfChristian Fiction Adult.pdfGothic Fiction Adult .pdfHistorical Fiction Adult .pdfMiddle School .pdf200 Books to Read Adults.pdfWestern and War Stories Adult .pdfYoung Adult.pdf



Looking for more ideas, authors and suggestions try:

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