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Video Chat with Scientist

4 pm Wednesday July 17, 2019

Talk with actual NASA Ames Research Scientist Dr. David Dubois. David Dubois received his PhD in Planetary Science in 2018 and is now a Research Scientist in Planetary Science. He specializes in studying Saturn’s largest moon Titan’s atmospheric chemistry. He reproduces the atmosphere in a lab setting and studies the chemistry. David is a NASA Solar System Ambassador and will be speaking with us via Video Chat.

Dr. Dubois's major publications can be found on the Astro-chemistry Laboratory's Publications Pages.

A Universe of Stars

Summer Reading Program: June 5 to July 24, 2019

Jump in to A Universe of Stories and fun at your local Library!

Great programs and activities to interest the whole family. Summer Reading is a wonderful way to keep the kids learning and entertained all summer long. Every Wednesday! June 5 – July 24 at 3 pm we will have Crafts, Fun Activities, Presentations and Demonstrations! The Summer Reading Program Grand Finale Party will be held Wednesday, July 24 from 3 - 5 pm - there will be crafts, games, and contest winners will be announced. Come by the library for more information about Summer Reading.

­ This program is Sponsored by Ontario Community Library, the Friends of the Library, and the Oregon State Ready to Read Grant.

Owyhee Canyonlands:

Geology, Recreation, and Community Empowerment

6 pm Thursday, July 25

Presentation by Sammy Castonguay of the Friends of the Owyhee. Senator Wyden, The Owyhee Basin Stewardship Coalition and other conservation groups have reinvigorated the discussion of land management, conservation, and protection of the parts of the Owyhee Mountains in Oregon that are not currently protected or optimally managed. Wherever that conversation goes, Friends of the Owyhee will still promote stewardship and education. This presentation will focus on the unique geologic history of the Owyhee’s, through a recreation lens. Get ready for a volcanic discussion that will blow your mind.

Adult interest presentation. Free – Open to public.

Our Place in Space

Family S.T.E.M. Event

10 am Saturday, July 27

Ever wonder how Earth fits in among the planets, stars and galaxies? Through science experiments and other fun activities, you’ll explore what makes our planet so special and learn how we can keep it that way. This program includes a short book reading and presentation along with a variety of hands on specimens and activities. The Our Place in Space Program is provided by Oregon Museum of Natural & Cultural History in conjunction with Ontario Community Library and the Oregon State Ready to Read Grant.

Ask an Expert: Rocks, Minerals and Fossils

10 am - Noon & 1 -5 pm on Monday, July 29

For this all-day panel, Geologist and Friend of the Owyhee, Sammy Castonguay will be available to help you identify and learn about your personal rocks, minerals and/or fossils! In just a few minutes, he can give a general identification to most samples, teach you how to identify others yourself, and give you a likely geologic history of your rock. All samples welcome, but please limit to three unless there is idle time. Bring a photo or information of where you found the specimen to add interest and detail to your discovery.

Family Event – All are welcome.

Check it out!

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All programs are free to the public - unless otherwise stated.

If you have questions about a program please call the library: 541-889-6371.