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Material Selection and Withdrawal Policy

The Ontario Library District (Ontario Community Library) enriches lives by fostering diverse opportunities for all people to read, learn and connect.

The Library desires to serve all individuals and groups with out discrimination. Provision is made for access to books, periodicals, printed material, audio-visual and electronic information, --for the general educational advancement, work assistance, enrichment, and recreation of its patrons. Material acquired will measure up to a high standard of quality in content, expression, and format. Patron requests for additions will be considered with regard to anticipated value and level of public interest. The quality of all said materials will be judged on its content as a whole. Individual passages, illustrations, in whatever format of medium, when take out of context or purpose, are not considered adequate reason for either non-inclusion or removal of and item.

To suggest materials, individuals may use the online link or contact the library directly by phone, mail or in person during open hours.

Link to PDF of Selection Criteria and Factors of Book Selections

Suggest Material for the Library

The Library goal is to be as objective as possible regarding selection of materials, without exerting undue influence dot to personal beliefs. Strong effort is and will be made to ensure that all sides of controversial issues are represented, while adding both value and balance to the library collections. We realize that in order for a collection to broad-minded, there is a possibility that available information may be regarded as unpleasant, offensive, or in opposition to religious, political, cultural, or other personal beliefs. However, if the Ontario Library District (Ontario Community Library) is to provide balanced access of information to all patrons, that information must include opposing points of view.

The Library Board and Director maintain the position that, while anyone is free to personally reject materials of which they do not approve, it is not appropriate for persons to attempt to restrict the freedom of use and access to other than their own minor children. Furthermore, the responsibility for the reading and use of library materials by minors belongs Ultimately and completely with their parents or legal guardians.

In taking this stand, the Library Board and Director are, in effect, upholding the right off each individual to be protected against censorship by someone who holds a differing opinion.

Since it is humanly possible to make errors in applying the principles stated above, the Library Board and Direct stand ready to review decisions, and listen to objections, upon written request.

To make a Materials Complaint please print and complete the Materials Reconsideration Form and return it to the library by mail or in person during open hours. Forms can also be obtained at the front desk at the library during open hours.

 Reconsideration of Materials Form

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