Stargazing & Natural Night Skies

Online Presentation

5:30 pm, January 19th, 2022

Event description

In this webinar, we're looking at the Winter Circle. The Winter Circle is not a constellation, but an enigmatic feature of the southern night sky. We will take some time to talk about the practice of stargazing, the importance of natural night skies, and how to use the Stellarium app to navigate through the stars.

More about this event

Friends of the Owyhee and the Oregon Outback Dark Sky Network has teamed up with the Ontario Community Library (Ontario, OR), Harney County Library (Burns, OR), Vale Library (Vale, OR), and McDermitt Library (McDermitt, NV) to present a free online class that will teach you the basics of stargazing, how to find cool constellations, and why natural night skies are so important.

Stargazing is a fun, all-ages, and life-long activity. It's even more incredible when you live in a spectacularly dark place like the Owyhee! The Owyhee is a bioregion in eastern Oregon, western Idaho, and northern Nevada of the USA. It's known for its rugged remote desert landscape, solitude, incredible geologic history, and night skies that are perfect for stargazing. It's one of the best places in the nation to see the stars!

Bring a notebook for notes, and then go outside to practice after the event!

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Produced by Friends of the Owyhee, which is a part of the Oregon Outback Dark Sky Network, promoting natural night sky preservation.

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