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Books are arriving at the library every day in the form of donations and purchases. Some are new - others are replacing copies that have been lost or damaged, or are just new to this library.

New and recently released books are placed on the New Book shelves in the adult section of the library. New books are not always available for inter-library loans. Books that are replacements or older releases go right to the shelf.

Please feel free to suggest books and authors to the library. We need and welcome community input in this important process.  Book suggestions can be placed at the front desk of the library, using this form or by email to: 

Adult Fiction & Nonfiction 

Once a month 'New' books (new and recent releases) are placed on the 'New Book' carousel rack here at the library. These will remain on the "New Book" rack for up to 6 months. These books check out for 2 weeks. Holds 
may be placed. A list of these books can be found at the front desk.

Children's Fiction & Nonfiction
Children's or Juvenile New Books are currently being placed directly on the shelves in the children's section. These books check out for 21 days. Not all of these books are new releases. Patrons can place their name on a waiting list (a Hold) for these books online (account) or at the Library Circulation Desk. 

Teen (Young Adult) Fiction and Nonfiction Young adult or teen fiction is located over on the adult side of the library by the audio books, DVDs, and videos. Young adult or teen nonfiction is mixed in with the adult nonfiction. All young adult books are labeled with a 'Y' and a red sticker saying 'young adult'. When these books are new they are placed on the shelf by the young adult fiction section and maybe check out for 2 weeks. Holds may be placed.